The concept is based in Shrimad Bhagavat’s 10-8-13th shlok


The series of paintings is based on the philosophy of Akhand Bhoomandlacharya Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharyaji, the founder of Pushtimarg of Vaishnavism. There are highly meaningful paintings and every individual painting has an underlying thought process.

The title “Visions of Blue God” has been chosen for the series because there is always a question – Why Krishna is called The Blue God? The name Krishna itself means blue, and when the reflection of the blue sky fell on Him during the naming ceremony on the sixth day of His birth, Rishi Gargacharya was called to name Him. The moment he saw that He is blueish he called Him Krishna.

Hence my series is totally focused on the hues of the color blue.

I believe in maintaining the traditional and at the same time like to compose and create in a very contemporary style to showcase today’s world. I enjoy Kadli Van represent Vishnu (giver of life) or Vrajbhaktas or devotees of Vraj (land of Krishna). In my view, Krishna is the Supreme Being, Above all and Beyond compare. Whatever He does is “Leela” and every single moment of His is celebrated and He is never alone. There are nine principle bhaktis which are called Navadha Bhakti. Whereas the tenth bhakti called Prem Lakshna Bhakti is beyond compare wherein He is in a mood to be only with His near and dear ones and not dwell at all on the external (garland, ornaments etc.). The titled face represents softness and affection. His circle of aura and grace is so powerful that every one follows and believes in Him. His supreme divine magic mesmerizes the whole universe.

Shri Krishna sends a strong message of love and peace. To survive in this chaotic world we take shelter under His soft and lotus like feed – Charanashray.

I am blessed and it is my privilege to touch this subject mainly bcause I am the direct descendent of the Shri Vallabhacharyaji, the founder of Pushtimarg, and belong to the Shastha Griha [Mathura] and Tritiya Griha [Kankroli] of Vallabh Samraday of Vaishnavism.